Le petit déjeuner vert
Design: Annika Lomnancik
Photography: Nicolai Stephan
Bonjour! - A perfect start to the day promises the - naturally green - breakfast bar as the charming namesake of this kitchen project. Its harmonious interior division on wool felt-laminated shelves, as well as the storage glass utensil recessed into the top, are made of solid wood, along with matching breakfast boards. The adjacent upholstered bench impressively yet quietly echoes the horizontal green theme, joining the breakfast bar in connecting the space to the garden. The tall cabinet and dish display case, on the other hand, deliberately recede as matte lacquer furniture, with only the rhythm of the coffered fronts shaping the walls. The center block and the gently rounded countertop radiate rich and warm through oiled real wood veneer à la chocolat. Perfectly framed and framed as a floor standing cheek by the stylish "Jatoba Brown" natural stone with its elegant veins in the color play green to creamy white.