Apetite por Bagas
Design: Ann-Christin Kaiser
Photography: Nicolai Stephan
Modern material arrangement meets old building charm: The Brazilian quartzite, which dominates the room with its flowing grain in which berry and sandy tones weave together, gives the room elegance and warmth. This play of colors is contrasted by dark real wood furniture fronts, which are accentuated with brass and bronze mirror elements. The side pocket doors hide a portafilter machine that ensures delicious coffee and shared morning moments. Lightly lacquered fronts blend softly into the ensemble and form a monochrome, seamless band in the color of the wall surfaces. By using a recirculating air downdraft system, the classic hood can be dispensed with and instead the use of exquisite lighting objects can be used. The round dining table, made of the same material as the breakfast cupboard, offers space for up to ten guests when extended, who can come together here in a sociable atmosphere. The opulent oriental-style jacquard curtains add the finishing touch to the room.